Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Endoscope

Endoscopic spine surgery is the least invasive spine surgery we know of and is used to treat herniated, herniated, pinched, bulging discs and disc tears that compress or irritate spinal nerves, causing back or leg pain. It provides a faster recovery period, allowing them to avoid the repeated pain associated with traditional spine surgery. Because the incision is very small, the risk of infection is low. Also, it does not require any implants or foreign bodies to be placed in the body.

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The Spine Endoscope can be used for degenerative lumbar vertebral disease, the thoracic disc protrudes, cervical disc protruding, etc.Surgery outside the annulus of the intervertebral disc can clearly see the protruding nucleus pulposus, nerve roots, dural sac and hyperplastic bone tissue under the direct vision of the endoscope. Then use various grasping forceps to remove the protruding tissue, remove the bone under the microscope, and repair the damaged annulus fibrous with radio requency electrodes. Minimally invasive intervertebral disc surgery reduces iatrogenic damage to bone tissue and muscle tissue, thereby preserving the stability and function of the corresponding spinal segment, achieving fast recovery, and leaving almost no back discomfort.Very low level of access trauma Very minor postoperative scars Fast recovery after surgery No infection1. Stainless steel valve, easy for maintenance, avoid damaging. 2. Handle wheel of working element has ups and downs indicator. 3. The autoclavable endoscope can be chosen.

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