AND Fracture Cable System

Proximal humerus fractures,ulnar hawkbone fractures,distal fibula fractures,patella fractures,phalangeal fractures. Revision of artificial joint prostheses. Comminuted fractures of the long bone stem,etc. Creation of tension bands,etc

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Indications EXtremity fractures: dista clavicle, proximal humerus. distal humerus unar hawk, proximal femur, ong diaphysis, patela ntemal and extemal anke, intemaand extemnal ankle Periprosthetic fractures Dislocation of the acromioclavicular ioint Pre-binding of joint prosthesis before placement Reconstruction of greater trochanteric osteotomyBone Pin olntraoperative cable threading with fracture arm with perforated needle is easy.without bending, simplifying the operation and avoiding irritation of soft tissues.Titanium alloy material with good biocompatibility.2.0mm diameter design provides sufficient fixation strength   Cable Twisted by multiple titanium alloy wires,good flexibility,avoiding single wire intraoperative fixation and postoperative fatigue breakageSpecifications:Single round needle 1.0mm,1.3mm Ordinary needleless 1.0mm,1.3mm,1.8mm Needleless 1.0mm,1.3mm,1.8mm with hoopModel specifications to meet a variety of clinical needs   Cushion-shaped lockina buckle Made of titanium alloy to meet the demand of fixation strengtht is mainly used for fracture fixation of patella hawks-beakacromioclavicular joint.internal and external ankle,fbulaetcSpecifications:10mm.13mm.18mm

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