Suture Anchor for Joint Tendon Repair

A suture anchor is a very small implant that fixes sutures in the bone and reconnects the soft tissue and bone. It is a fully threaded anchor with suture holes running through the center of the anchor to provide flexibility for working sutures. Allows to reduce bone removal during the guide hole creation process without affecting the pullout strength.

Products Details

Hexagon drive Easy operation Multi-angle implantation More flexible Can be implanted twice during operation The edge are design of suture hole on the head of anchor To reduce friction during surgery Titanium alloy material Excellent biocompatibility Anchor head sharp design No need to pre-drill, easier to implant High and low double thread design Stronger torsional strength and pull-out resistance Quicker screw-in and shorter operation timeScope of use Suture Anchor are surgical implants used for the attachment of soft tissues to bone e.g. ruptured tendons and ligaments. Suture anchors are usually composed of the anchor, a suture and the interface between anchor and suture called 'eyelet'. They come in different types or configurations, designs, sizes and materials. Composition characteristics The suture is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and polyester composite braid with better mechanical properties. It has a better feel and is more convenient to operate.

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