Vacuum Sealing Drainage Device & Accessories

AND Vacuum Sealing Drainage Bottle Device & Accessoires includes Second-class Vacuum Indicator, Vacuum state holding device, good quality drainage tube,gradient connectors, drainage bottle made of rigid material, high strength pvc hanger, precise micro scale,stainless steel trocher.

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Vacuum sealing is a new therapeutic concept to achieve secure and rapid wound healing in traumatic soft tissue damage ( and closed fractures), in acute and, as an intermediate measure, in chronic infections.It can be applied to all surgical wounds that can be closed sutured and covered with drainage tubesThe precast high pressure in the bottle acts as a power source, resulting in complete fluid emptying and high pressure generated between the interface between the foam and the wound surface without compressing the deeper wound layer. The therapeutic benefit lies in the rapid formation of sound granulation tissue. Comprehensive and thorough way of efficient drainage Absorb Bloody exudates and secreta immediately and continuously Significantly reduce the occurrence of hematoma and serum swollen Accelerate the closure of infection lacuna and healing of infection wound Reduce infection rate affer operations Reduce the dosagc of antiblotic Avoid change the bottle frequently and reduce workload of nursesVacuum sealing is a new treatment concept for safe and rapid wound healing in traumatic soft tissue injuries (including open and closed fractures), acute infections and chronic infections as an intermediate measure (treatment of buttock and perianal infections) . The tissue defect is filled with  foam, and the entire wound surface is covered with a translucent membrane. Using a drainage tube and vacuum bottle, a vacuum is created across the wound. This results in complete drainage of the fluid and high pressure at the interface between the foam and wound surface without compressing deeper wound layers. The therapeutic benefit is the rapid formation of sound granulation tissue.

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