Non-Locking Screw System

Locking Screw can be used together with the locking plate to achieve the effect of fixing the fracture. It was designed to provide surgeons and patients with a well-fitting implant. An implant that fits may help cut down on OR-time by reducing the need to bend the plate, and may help reduce fracture malalignment and soft tissue prominence.

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It is made of TC4 material. The types of screws are HA cortical bone screw, HB cancellous bone screw and HC locking screw. HB screws are available in full thread and half thread. Screws of different sizes have corresponding surgical instruments. Sizes of HA: Φ2.0, Φ2.5,Φ2.7, Φ3.5, Φ4,5 Sizes of HB; Φ4.0full, Φ4.0half, Φ6.5full, Φ6.5halfStandard cortical screw, for diaphyseal bone, symmetrical head, asymmetrical thread. Standard cancellous bone screw, used for metaphysis or epiphysis, large outer diameter, deep thread. Other special screws 1. Dry screw, small friction between bone and plate 2. Locking screw, head and plate locking (fixed angle) 3. Schanz screw, used for external fixation bracket


4.0HB full

2.7 HA


Standard cortical screws are used for diaphyseal bones, with a symmetrical head (3.5 + 4.5) and asymmetrical threads. Standard cancellous bone screws are used for metaphysis or epiphysis, with large outer diameter and deep thread. Lag screw technology has two mechanical components: 1 the circumferential force (friction force) along the thread, 2 the axial force when tightening, the screw screw or sliding hole allows the contralateral fracture block to be pulled toward the screw head.

4.0 HB half



6.5HB Full

6.5HB Half

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