Cannulated Screw System With Various Sizes and Design

Cannulated screws are a common method of fixation used by orthopedic surgeons for multiple fracture patterns. These screws may be cannulated or "hollow" to allow them to be placed over a guidewire facilitating better alignment prior to drilling or screw insertion. The guidewire is then removed and the screw is left in place.  There are headless type and with head type, also many different sizes of cannulated screws are available 3.0,4.0,6.5,7.3.

Products Details

1. Anatomical reduction (intra-articular fracture), accurate reduction before screw implantation. 2. Stable fixation, with the accurate guidance of Kirschner wires, compressive fixation between fracture ends. 3. Preserving blood supply, simple operation steps, little soft tissue damage. 4. The exact fixed/stable structure allows early movement. Titanium alloy material has better biocompatibility, and CT and MRI are compatible. The notch of the nail head is lower to reduce the interference to the surrounding tissue. Provide 1 / 3 thread, half thread and full thread design. Head self tapping and self drilling design, easy to operate and effectively shorten the operation time. Superior performance of the triangular blades makes it to implant and remove the screw easily. After insertion, it can keep compression function under periodic forces. Torx head can be better controlled and prevent skidding.

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