Surgical Rib Bone Plate with Pure Titanium

Easy operation, supplied with instruments, minimally invasive implantation. Pure titanium material has perfect biocompatibility and no effect to chest CE, MRI examination. Great flexibility of product simplifies the installation and doesn't oppress the intercostal nerve Configuration.

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Internal fixation of multiple rib fractures Rib reconstruction after rib tumorectomy Rib reconstruction after thoracotomyBefore operation, the products and equipments shall be sterilized. There is no need to peel off the periosteum of the ribs during the operation. Traditional closed thoracic drainage.The ribs are the structure of the entire chest cavity and protect vital organs such as the lungs, heart, and liver. There are 12 pairs of human ribs, symmetrical.Rib fractures are more common in adults. One or more rib fractures can occur, and multiple fractures of the same rib can also occur. The first to third ribs are short and protected by the shoulder blades, clavicle and upper arm, which are generally not easy to be injured, while the floating ribs are more elastic and not easy to fracture. Fractures often occur in 4 to 7 ribs

Clamping forceps(unilateral)

Curved type forceps

Gun type clamping forceps

Rib plates instruments

Rib plate bending forceps

Straight type forceps

1. Direct violence. Fractures occur in the place where the violence is directly affected. They are often cross-sectioned or comminuted. The fracture fragments are mostly displaced inward, which can easily stab the lungs and cause pneumothorax and hemothorax. 2. Indirect violence, the thorax is squeezed from the front and back, and fractures often occur near the mid-axillary line. The end of the fracture protrudes outwards, and it is easy to pierce the skin and cause open fractures, such as a collapse or improper force during external heart massage. There are also cases of fractures of the posterior ribs due to violent blows to the front chest, or fractures of the front ribs due to blows to the back chest. Fractures are mostly oblique. 3. Mixed violence and others.1. Simple fracture 2. Incomplete fractures: mostly cracks or green branch fractures 3. Complete fractures: mostly transverse, oblique or comminuted fractures 4. Multiple fractures: one bone and double fracture, multi-rib fracture 5. Open fractures: mostly caused by indirect violence or firearm injuries1. Abnormal breathing 2. Pneumothorax 3. Hemothorax
Product Code  Specifications Remark Material
25130000 45x15 H=9mm TA2
25030001 45x19 H=10mm TA2
24930002 55x15 H=9mm TA2
24830003 55x19 H=10mm TA2
24730006 45x19 H=12mm TA2
24630007 55x19 H=12mm TA2

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