PSS 5.5 &6.0 Posterior Spinal Inter-Fixation System

Pedicle screws are used sometimes in a spinal fusion to add extra support and strength to the fusion while it heals. Pedicle screws are placed above and below the vertebrae that were fused. A rod is used to connect the screws which prevents movement and allows the bone graft to heal.

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Safe, easy and highly efficient Posterior Pedicle used for spinal internal fixation Negative angle thread design To reduce locking torque Greater fixation strength Excellent mechanical performancePrincipal Indications for Pedicle Fixation Existing painful spinal instability: post-laminectomy spondylolisthesis. painful pseudoarthrosis. Potential instability: spinal stenosis. degenerative scoliosis. Unstable fractures. Augmenting anterior strut grafting: tumor. infection. Stabilizing spinal osteotomies. Advantages of Pedicle Screw Fixation The pedicle also represents the strongest point of attachment of the spine and thus significant forces can be applied to the spine without failure of the bone-metal junction. Pedicle screw fixation is currently one of the most used modalities for internal thoracic and lumbar spine stabilization. Although segmental fixation with wires, bands and hooks still plays a significant role, the biomechanical advantages of the pedicle screw led to an increase of the use of pedicle screw fixation over time. Besides, pedicle screws provide superior clinical results compared to other methods of spine instrumentation. However, in osteoporotic bones “in vitro” similar primary and long-term stability was observed between pedicle screws and a laminar hook system additionally fixed on the lamina with a perforating screw as well as cortical screws were shown to have equivalent pullout strength in osteoporotic bone compared to pedicle screws. Direction for use Blunt end design, To prevent stagger thread in, Easy implantation. Multi-axial screw's universal direction+ -18°, To reduce nail impact, Flexible structure installation. when the screw is implanted, the fracture is well compressed by the thread, which will increase the stability of the fracture.Low profile screw seat design Minimal soft tissue irritation Lager bone graft region Double-thread design Stronger fixation Minimal screw dissection Faster implantation

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